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The Benefits of Remote Surveillance Monitoring

One of the greatest benefits of wireless remote surveillance monitoring CCTV is that you can be at your business, even when you are not.

It has been proven that employee theft dramatically reduces when your employees know that the business owner can view their activity from any internet connected device.

Employee productivity is never compromised, because you are always there.

Underproduction, extended breaks, and inappropriate behaviour are virtually eliminated when employees know they are being watched.

Keep in mind that just installing a security camera system isn’t always enough.

It is a good idea to make your employees aware of the advanced features that security systems are capable of, including remote access.

Your employees should know that you can view your cameras through your Smartphone, tablet, etc.

The trick is to show your employees how easy it is for you to view your cameras from your favourite device.

Then, let them hold the device in their hands so they can see how clear the images are and how easy it is to recogniSe everyone.

You can do it with all of your employees or just a few. Either way, you will get the message across.

This approach will help to eliminate:

Employee Theft
Vendor Theft
False Liability Claims, etc.
While Increasing:
Employee Productivity
Quality Customer Service
Peace of Mind

Another great advantage of remote monitoring is your business will be protected 24 / 7.

When combined with our motion alert camera system, you can be alerted if any of your cameras detect motion while your business is closed.

In addition, you will get an email and/or text alert notifying you that one of your cameras detected motion.

If you are in fact being robbed, you can notify the guards from the comfort of your home and arrive at you business once you know the guards have everything under control.

These features show how using the latest technology can make your life easier.

The CCTV Services SMART DVR / NVR System with Remote Surveillance Monitoring will help to prevent:

Armed Robberies

While giving you:

Advanced Warning
24 Hour Surveillance
Peace of Mind

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