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CCTV Installations from Safenet Security

CCTV cameras offer a very visible deterrent to burglars and vandals and, thanks to advances in technology, are better and more affordable than ever. Safenet Security only fit high specification CCTV systems and would never install any of the cheap off the shelf self install systems.

Modern CCTV systems are extremely advanced and can record in High Definition, giving highly detailed colour images. The days of juddery, low resolution black and white VHS footage are long gone! What you get from modern CCTV systems are great quality images and the ability to view the output from your cameras over the internet. You could be on holiday and log in from your iPad, phone or at an internet cafe, viewing your home or business premises in real time.

Safenet Security Systems can install any type of CCTV system, from a basic single camera to a remotely monitored multi-camera system.

CCTV Systems that work with your existing security

If you have a commercial premises and want to add a CCTV system, we can design the system to work along with your alarm, access control and fire prevention systems.

We offer a FREE no-obligation quotation so why not give us a call and find out how we can help make your home or premises more secure? If we can find out exactly what you are trying to achieve by installing a CCTV system we can suggest the best possible ways to cost-effectively install the right CCTV system for you.

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