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CCTV for Schools & Colleges in Dublin from Safenet Security

Safeguarding the wellbeing of staff and students in educational environments is a priority. A well installed security system is essential to ensure the safety of pupils across the entire school.

Modern educational properties are facing a range of challenges when it comes to creating safe learning environments. Theses days vandalism, violence and bullying are all too common in schools across the country. Educational facilities which have CCTV security systems in place are far more likely to resolve these issues mentioned above.

Having CCTV security in a school is also a massive deterrent, which often prevents these occurences full stop.

The Benefits Of School Video Surveillance

Dublin based CCTV Experts, Safenet Security provide a diverse range of video security solutions for schools that can offer a variety of benefits. The CCTV systems Safenet provide are simple, easy to install and, thanks to our team of specialists and your knowledge of the property, we will be able to install video cameras in the areas where antisocial or criminal issues tend to develop. Once installed, these cameras will record anything that occurs, but they will also act as a deterrent, to prevent it from occurring in the first place.

Many of our systems feature portable cameras, meaning that they can easily be moved as required. They can also broadcast footage via a secure internet connection, allowing you to see what the camera can see, with minimum lag or disruption. As this is a secure online transmission, however, only people with the relevant permission can access it.

A major issue for educational facilities is the monitoring and control of visitors to the school. By introducing CCTV for schools at entrance doors and other access points, you can help your administrative staff monitor visitors and ensure that they are properly signed in, whilst sill allowing your students to move freely around the campus.

Why Should You Choose Safenet CCTV For Your Educational Facility?

Here at Safenet Security, our team has experience when it comes to setting up video surveillance systems in the best locations. Typically, corridors, staircases and other public areas are the ideal points for cameras.

Our team will make certain that your cameras is installed in the best possible locations as to capture any antisocial events which do occur, but without compromising the privacy of your staff and students. The reviewing and storing of any images or videos that are taken needs to be handled delicately and strict procedures should be maintained throughout the entire surveillance operation.

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