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CCTV Systems for Dublin Nursing Homes

CCTV can help to protect both their residents and employees of your Nursing Home premises. CCTV Surveillance systems are used to monitor people who enter and leave Nursing Homes and Elderly Care Facilities buildings.

CCTV Cameras placed at entrances and exits can help your staff be aware of unwanted intruders but also aid them in their patient care provision.

CCTV can be especially helpful for those patients who have memory care problems. CCTV cameras placed near exits can help you prevent confused residents from wandering outdoors unsupervised.

Car park CCTV cameras in the parking spaces belonging to the nursing/care home also play a vital role in deterring car theft and vandalism. This in turn will also make the area a safer place for staff arriving and leaving often at strange hours due to their shift patterns.

CCTV also offers protection for the staff and patients and can help the owner, who is able to monitor any irregularities involving the work force. If staff know they are being watched there will be far less chance of them not following procedures.

Technology has advanced rapidly in the CCTV area and now enables you to view what is actually happening without actually being on the premises and can be accessed using any standard internet connection mobile phone devices.

Safenet CCTV Systems can offer CCTV security solutions for your Dublin based Nusing Home or Elderly Care facility. 

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