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For many years, the safenet CCTV Security team have been providing retail CCTV systems in Dublin to help protect retail outlets of all shapes and sizes. Not only have we helped to design comprehensive systems to provide the highest levels of protection, but we are also able to supply and install these solutions.

We understand how the criminal mind works, and our CCTV security systems are designed to not only to catch the criminal in the act, but also to deter the theft before it occurs. By including visible security within your retail store, as well as more subtle solutions, you can make the most of a comprehensive security system to stop theft and protect your employees and your customers.

Innovative Retail Security Systems

Here at Safenet Security, we know how essential a great security solution can be to any kind of retail business. That is why we are constantly working to improve and evolve retail security across Dublin, by providing comprehensive solutions which take full advantage of a range of different features.

The ability to implement a modern retail CCTV system has become vital for businesses in the modern world.

The surge in popularity of online shopping has made the retail environment tougher than ever.

This means that retailers will need to protect their hard-earned profits from both external and internal theft.

With shoplifting and employee theft on the rise, only modern CCTV technology can sufficiently combat criminal activity in a retail environment.

CCTV solutions for retailers are available in various shapes and sizes and can be tailored to suit your store size, type and its budget.

Here at Safenet CCTV, we are able to cater for businesses of all shapes and sizes – from a local corner shop and newsagent to retail groups of 1-20 stores to even large store chains.

The benefits that can be gained from our systems include:

– Bring all your cameras into one place.
Get beautiful HD images of all your stores.
– Apply smart video analytics to your stores.
– Have as many cameras as you need across a group.
Watch live or recorded video from any store on any device.

The Benefits of a Modern Retail CCTV System

Many stores still have older types of CCTV systems installed, whilst useful to a point, they cannot capture high-quality images or link up with other devices, let alone being able to stream to a device outside of the confines of the store.

Here’s how a retail store can benefit from the installation of a modern retail CCTV system:

– Reduce shoplifting just by the presence of a retail security system. Shoplifters will take care not to be seen and they especially dislike the presence of modern CCTV cameras that are able to produce high-definition images of their activities in store. Replacing an older type of camera, which produces grainy, unreliable images, with a modern one, can work to prevent a shoplifter in their tracks.

– Keep an eye on your retail stores. Thanks to modern mobile devices, such as phones, laptops and tablets, you are able to keep an eye on your store(s) from anywhere you may be. This will give you the freedom to go about your work without having to worry about the security of your store, as you’ll know that they are protected and that you are able to check in at any time you wish.

– Merchandising and Store Management. Security cameras are also able to improve productivity; just the sheer presence of a CCTV system will make employees aware of how their time is spent, helping to improve the productivity produced, as well as customer service.

– Provides visual insights and real-time data. Modern CCTV systems are able to do more than just capture images; they can also perform crucial retail tasks such as counting the amount of people who enter the store. Not only will this make you aware of the current store capacity at any one time, the data it captures can also be implemented to provide important statistics, such as the conversion rate, compared to the amount of people who enter the store.

– Boosting sales by improving customer service. Being able to monitor the areas in which staff are deployed will give you a better insight into where they are best needed at a certain time. This can only enhance a customers’ experience if they need some assistance.

– A safe environment for staff and customers. Speaking of providing a deterrent, CCTV cameras also work to prevent any incidents that could potentially result in a person being aggressive towards customers and staff. Instances of employee abuse and harassment can also be deterred by the presence of HD cameras.

– Making your retail store a safer place. Aside from retail CCTV security cameras being able to help to build a much safer environment for customers to shop in, they can also protect the store from any bogus claims made by unscrupulous customers, intent on making false injury claims. The footage can clearly capture the evidence and used as a first line defence against personal injury claims.

– Reduce Employee Theft. Rather than sitting through endless data reports trying to pick up on any anomalies, tracking where and when items may have been stolen, the data that is captured from the tracking system of a modern CCTV camera is able to identify suspicious transactions as they occur. What’s more, is that the camera is able to capture the video of the event and send it immediately to your tablet or smartphone, no matter where you may be.

Choose Safenet CCTV for A Comprehensive Retail Security Solution.

Why Us?

– We’ve been installing security systems in Dublin Retailers for over 20 Years.

– We supply CCTV systems from the world’s largest CCTV manufacturers.

– We use the latest hi-tech hardware currently available on the market.

– We can connect you to your stores on simple to use apps on the latest hand held devices.

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